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Here is the full list of all of the Shops in the Maori Mega Mall.

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Fishpond (AU) (76 items)
Based in Australia, this shop has many Maori books available and we have them listed at the Maori Mega Mall. For our whanau in Aotearoa, we also offer products from fishpond.co.nz which is the New Zealand version of fishpond.com.au

Fishpond (NZ) (94 items)
Based in New Zealand, this shop has many Maori books available and we have them listed at the Maori Mega Mall. For our whanau in Australia, we also offer products from fishpond.com.au which is the Australian version of fishpond.co.nz

Hacked By Speedy (0 items)


Maori Creations (1849 items)
Maori Creations, created by the Maori Mega Mall have a range of products using mainly kowhaiwhai patterns for Waka, Rohe and Iwi as well as general items with kowhaiwhai not relating specifically for Waka, Rohe and Iwi.

We also have a range of products using Paua Design and a range of products with Matariki.

If you can not find what you are looking for, you can request Rohe / Waka / Iwi products or create your own products.

maorimusic.com (109 items)
Producing and selling a wide range of Maori music CD's specialising in Maori Artists - from Haka to Hip Hop.

MAORISTYLEZ (15 items)
Selling a small range of Mana Wahine Products

Maoriwares (13 items)
A range of excellent Maori design products.

NZ Fine Prints Ltd (53 items)
New Zealand Fine Prints Ltd is one of New Zealand's leading fine art print retailer's. They offer a wide range of prints, from the well known artists of last century to current artists.

PawPrintzNZ (35 items)
A small range of Maori design apparel

Products from New Zealand (200 items)
Products From New Zealand.com offer a wide range of products handmade, in limited numbers, and are often signed by the artist on the back of the item.

Real Groovy (4 items)
Real Groovy sells records, books and DVD's

SDADSAASD (0 items)

SHOPeNZed.com (37 items)
Based in a beautiful New Zealand seaside town called Ngunguru, we offer a range of goods and services from New Zealand that you have asked for and that we like too. We simply do not sell things for the sake of selling them - we want to enjoy being around these goodies too!

Silverfernz (368 items)
Silverfernz offer one of the largest ranges of unique gifts from Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Tino Rangatiratanga (7 items)
Tino Rangatiratanga offers an extensive range of Tino Rangatiratanga Gear.

Toi Shop (124 items)
The Toi Shop specialises in Clothing, using Iwi Branding.

Tribal Gear (151 items)
Tribal Gear for different Iwi Maori

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