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How do I purchase products from the Maori Mega Mall?
Find an item that you would like to buy.

Click on the More Info / Purchase this product from SHOPNAME link on the product page.

You will be taken to the shop that is selling the item and from there you will be able to make your purchases.

If my product has not arrived, what do I do?
You need to contact the shop directly about this.

When you initially bought the product, you would have received either a log in, or confirmation from the shop. Use that information to contact them.

If you have misplaced that information, or did not receive it, find the product again in the Maori Mega Mall and then visit the shop.

Look for their contact details.

Why do I have to make purchases from different shops?
When you visit your local shopping mall, you will go into different shops to purchase different items.

This is the same principle for the Maori Mega Mall

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